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Ideas as infinite as space
Our Vission

Our Vision is to make our self as the lion's share of trusted and reliable company through ultimate and great performance and uniqueness in every single project that we accepted as challenge!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to magnify the treasury generating capability of the company in a globalizing and developing world by revealing our efficiency and adopting the innovative “take-less-give-more” methodology in our work.

Our Value

True teammates
Bring and inspire smile
Be passionate
Customer focus

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why encycode ?

The internet has come a long way and having an online presence is fast becoming a necessity. Our guns are loaded to be hit with bullets of creativity. Encycode solutions offer innovative Android applications and web solutions along with various software services, hardware and network services and hosting services across the India.

As a Encycode Solutions provider, our methodology involves offering end to end solutions to our customers. Helping entrepreneurs find themselves in the modern world of computers and the Internet, which can greatly improve the results of your business and organization. We believe that the final result is only a by-product and that real magic relies on its development process. Our unique process of developing websites, mobile applications and writing program combined with high values, are responsible for our success in It world.

We not only provide a wide gamut of professional yet affordable solutions, we help you stand out of the crowd. We deliver solutions that look great and work even better. we are extremely passionate about creating it that captivates your target market. From registration to hosting, from design to development, you name it and we do it.

It is time for you to make a mark online. Get in touch with us and discuss your solution over a coffee.